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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tribal Rush - Tribal Heroes

Here my some Heroes which defending to my tribal 

You can see their tactics and their abilities including their specialty.

It was good to have you have select some tough characters that have two abilities that can attack Land and Air enemy units invaders.

The better higher level the characters the better have you easy to defend you tribal

Be good enough to choose character by invading other enemy base

Have checked first before to attacked enemy base so that you wont get bad invade. and always upgrade all your base mostly and first the defend units.

Arrow or archer units was a good to defend your base and invade

Check other tough player about good units to use and what is the good tactics they used

Try to make your pocket zero before you to leave in your games, so that other player wont try to invade you, because if they have lots of money in your inventory you will invaded always to other players

Upgrade only the characters that can be useful in invading and defending

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Clan Wars Wisdom

Here my Clan War Wisdom

As for now our Clan are in level 2 were just making it to up than other clans together with my team or mates were just finding good techniques which we can get more benefits from our clans. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Tribal Rush Online

Tribal Rush

Here we are Tribal Rush was already launch, they have 3 servers created it's kinda good game online which you can build your clan and upgrading your building in tough one and preparing to defense from the Invaders. It's smooth and cool to play while yo can chat other player to this game online. You can asked for defenses to make your clan strong and hard to invade from other players. They have Guild that you can make team mate to be party in all time requesting some staff to your ally to make fast build clan while you are in loading to build people in your clans.

Tribal Rush having 3 servers as for now and have so many players now to play and building good building and get tough minions. You can participate Guild wars by def-finding your guilds from other guilds you can request and asking help your team mates. Create your team into higher one and lets your enemy think twice to invade your clan. I will put some picture about my staff and what I do here in this games. and Why I make so fun to this game online. I already meet some good people here that I become to be my friends. were already team ups about defending and exchange idea in hot to make our clans tough in all time to other player invaders.