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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tribal Rush - Tribal Heroes

Here my some Heroes which defending to my tribal 

You can see their tactics and their abilities including their specialty.

It was good to have you have select some tough characters that have two abilities that can attack Land and Air enemy units invaders.

The better higher level the characters the better have you easy to defend you tribal

Be good enough to choose character by invading other enemy base

Have checked first before to attacked enemy base so that you wont get bad invade. and always upgrade all your base mostly and first the defend units.

Arrow or archer units was a good to defend your base and invade

Check other tough player about good units to use and what is the good tactics they used

Try to make your pocket zero before you to leave in your games, so that other player wont try to invade you, because if they have lots of money in your inventory you will invaded always to other players

Upgrade only the characters that can be useful in invading and defending

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